Winter Graduation
30 October 2020

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Penny Macbeth


Penny Macbeth joined The Glasgow School of Art as Director in May 2020. Throughout her career, Penny has been committed to developing a professionally relevant learning environment for students. She was previously Dean of Manchester School of Art and Deputy Faculty Pro-Vice-Chancellor for Arts and Humanities focusing on external engagement and partnerships, and is a board trustee of Castlefield Gallery and CHEAD. On behalf of CHEAD she represents the sector on the All-Party Parliamentary Group for Crafts. Penny is also an active researcher, and her work explores cloth’s potential as a carrier of narrative and catalyst for community empathy and cohesion.

Muriel Gray

Chair of the Board of Governors

Muriel Gray is a graduate of The Glasgow School of Art and worked as a professional illustrator before joining the National Museum of Antiquities in Edinburgh as assistant head of design. A career spanning over two decades in the media followed, from presenting many diverse network radio and television programmes, to producing and directing, and then founding her own award-winning production company which grew into the largest in Scotland. She is a journalist, the author of five books, and serves annually on both BAFTA and the Royal Television Society Awards juries. Muriel is a former rector of Edinburgh University, the first woman to have held this post, and has been awarded honorary degrees from the University of Abertay and The Glasgow School of Art and Glasgow University.

Adriana Minu

MDes Sound for the Moving Image 2016

Adriana Minu (b.1991 in Bucharest) is an artist-researcher currently undertaking her PhD in Music at the University of Glasgow and the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, funded by SGSAH. In her research she develops collaborative composition methods that draw from the affective and sensuous experiences of musicians to create new musical works. 

She graduated with Distinction from the Masters in Sound for the Moving Image at The Glasgow School of Art in 2016 and has since freelanced as a multimedia consultant and artist in Romania and the UK. She has shown work in Glasgow, Birmingham, London, Germany, Holland and China.

Danny Campbell

Bachelor of Architecture, 2012

At 29, Danny is a fully qualified Architect and the founder of HOKO, The Homeowner’s Architect, which he started in 2016 at the age of 25. Danny is now a father of two small boys and a proud disruptor of the Architecture industry.

Danny has won the Great British Entrepreneur’s Award for Scotland and NI along with the Young Entrepreneur of the Year through FSB, a Young Scottish Edge Award and the Orega: Start Me Up competition. HOKO now employs 15 staff (including six Architects) and has received £400k of investment to grow the company across the UK as it doubles its workforce and launches HOKO Build and HOKO Shop.

Danny’s purpose is to reimagine what Architectural service looks like for everyday people, and how high quality, creative projects can be delivered. Danny has steered HOKO away from a traditional practice model to focus on the needs of homeowners and has created a unique and empowering work culture in the process.

Hock Aun Teh

Drawing and Painting, 1974

Hock Aun Teh (郑傅安) was born in Malaysia, of Chinese parents. In 1970, he came to study in the Drawing and Painting Department of The Glasgow School of Art, and in 1974 he became the first ever student from the whole continent of Asia to graduate from the department.
He now lives in Scotland, but travels frequently to South East Asia and other parts of the world to paint and to assimilate the essence of the cultures of the countries he has visited. His art is a fusion of West and East, and most notably captures the essence and spirit of a particular and highly sought-after style of Chinese Calligraphy known as ‘Mad Grass’ (狂草).  As he says: ‘Lines are my energy. Colour is my force.’

In addition to paintings and smaller sculptures, Hock Aun Teh has also built a number of large public sculptures in various Chinese cities, such as Beijing (for the 2008 Olympics), Changchun City, TongLing city, Yantai City (17.3 meters high), and many others. His works have been collected by the Glasgow Gallery of Modern Art, the Malaysia National Art Gallery, the Bulgarian National Gallery for Foreign Arts, and many other international galleries.

Hock Aun Teh has been a guest professor at a number of art colleges in China. In 2019, to mark his achievements, the Chinese Government named an arts centre after him – the Hock Aun Teh Arts Centre in DongLi Village, Fujian Province. The restoration of another historical building in the village, which will become Hock Aun Teh’s Art Museum, is also expected to be completed by 2021. He is represented by Patrick Davies Contemporary Arts, London. 

Maria Speake

Master of Architecture, 1992

Maria is the co-founder of Retrouvius, an acclaimed architectural salvage company now based in London but established in Glasgow 1993. Maria co-founded the company with her partner and fellow graduate Adam Hills, who she met while studying architecture at the GSA. Maria leads the design studio, applying their ethos to a few select interior and architectural projects, both domestic and commercial, each year. Their manifesto is that, “at the heart of Retrouvius is the belief that good materials and well-made things are precious; whether quarried stone or a piece of expert joinery. These objects were hard won and have an intrinsic value that argues for them to be re-conditioned and cleverly re-used”.

Palash Singh

International Management and Design Innovation, 2016

Palash Singh works as the design lead at Scope, a creative social impact company based in Helsinki, Finland. He is a graduate of the International Management and Design Innovation programme at The Glasgow School of Art and the University of Glasgow. His main focus has been using design and futures scenario approaches to better understand and solve problems in the space of public health, gender, and livelihood generation. His projects have been based in diverse geographies including India, Tanzania, Kenya, Ghana, Zimbabwe and Lesotho, for clients including the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, USAID, Ministry of External Affairs India, and the Columbia Mailman School of Public Health. He was also part of the team leading the organisation of Designforhealth in Dakar, a global community of practice focused on defining the role of design in global health and development. 

Marion Parola

MDes Textiles, 2010

Marion Parola completed her undergraduate degree in 2009 and her masters in 2010, both in Textiles at The Glasgow School of Art. After graduating, she co-founded Bespoke Atelier, a surface design studio based in the East End of Glasgow.

For the past ten years, Marion has been leading projects all over the UK, creating surface design artworks for large scale buildings from hotels, offices, schools, health centres and hospitals. She translates her passion for textiles and patterns into permanent and temporary installations for indoor and outdoor spaces.

Marion’s love of working with people started when she was seven years old, selling cheese with her dad on French markets. Her passion for art and design led her to move to Scotland in 2005 to study at the GSA. Marion’s designs range from geometric to botanical patterns inspired by urbanism, lush gardens and historical details. She is currently developing new designs for Bespoke Atelier’s No Rules Wallpaper range, a unique concept for the interiors market.

Sam De Santis

Creative Network Manager

Sam De Santis studied Fine Art Photography at The Glasgow School of Art, and served two terms as Student President after graduating in 2012. Following this, Sam was the lead coordinator of the Phoenix Bursary project, which supported GSA’s fine art graduates and culminated in a major exhibition in 2015. Sam has undertaken various other roles within the GSA including research into mapping creative facilities across Glasgow, and work as part of the Exhibitions team. In 2019 Sam was appointed Creative Network Manager and is responsible for overseeing the development and enhancement of how the GSA supports, connects and communicates with its global community of graduates.